Checking of the state of issuance of documents

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Checking of the state of issuance of documents

Database has been updated on: 13.07.2024


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Enter the data of the passport document used during the registration process



Additional Information

The search result will be displayed on the page after entering the series and number of document, confirmation of the captcha and pressing the «Search» button (the page will reload).

Series and number of the document, on the basis of which the document for the foreigner or stateless person is being issued, shall be entered without punctuation marks (dot, comma, semicolon, colon, dash, three dots, exclamation point, question mark, quotation marks, parentheses, slash, paragraph, space) .

Possible statuses(scheme):

  • Information was not found.
  • The application has been accepted on /date/. Data validation in progress.
  • Permission to personalize the document has been granted on /date/.
  • The data has been sent to the personalization center on /date/.
  • The document has been personalized and sent to the SMS branch on /date/. Delivery term — 1-3 working days (in case of severe weather conditions - up to 7 working days).
  • The document has been delivered to the territorial office of the Migration Service on /date/.

Attention! Information will be available in the service 24 hours after applying. If the information about the document is not available (status “Information was not found”) and the application was submitted more than 48 hours ago, it is worth contacting the territorial branch of the SMS.