Acquisition of Ukrainian Citizenship

Essential and Background Information

The key legal instruments that regulate Ukrainian citizenship are the Law of Ukraine on the Ukrainian Citizenship and the Presidential Decree of 27 March 2001 No. 215 on some aspects of implementation of the Law on the Ukrainian Citizenship, namely the Procedure regulating proceedings on applications and submissions related to citizenship and execution of adopted decisions.

Acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship can be initiated only by individuals. Such request may be submitted not only by a stateless person, but also by a foreigner who pledges to terminate his/her foreign citizenship within 2 years of his/her registration as a citizen of Ukraine.

Persons who have acquired Ukrainian citizenship and pledged to terminate foreign citizenship shall be documented with the temporary ID card of Ukrainian citizen with a two-year validity period. Such persons shall be issued Ukrainian passports only after they have terminated foreign citizenship or submitted a declaration renouncing the foreign nationality.

Minors between 14 and 18 years of age can acquire Ukrainian citizenship only upon their consent.

Documents confirming Ukrainian citizenship

  • passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • certificate of Ukrainian citizenship;
  • passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad;
  • temporary certificate of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • travel document of a child;
  • diplomatic passport;
  • service passport;
  • seafarer’s identity certificate;
  • crew member certificate;
  • identity certificate for return to Ukraine.