Acquiring Ukrainian Citizenship by Admission

Legal framework underlying the service

As provided in Article 9 of the Law on the Ukrainian Citizenship, foreigners or stateless persons may be granted Ukrainian citizenship upon their request. Requirements for admission to Ukrainian citizenship are (to be met concurrently)*:

  • Individuals must recognize and respect the Constitution and Laws of Ukraine;
  • Individuals are required to submit a statement of statelessness (if they are stateless persons) or pledge to terminate foreign citizenship (if they are foreigners);
  • Individuals must legally reside on the territory of Ukraine continuously during the past five years;
  • Individuals must obtain an immigration permit;
  • Individuals must demonstrate proficiency in the Ukrainian language to a level sufficient to maintain communication;
  • Individuals must have legal sources to maintain themselves without recourse to state funds.

*There are some exceptions; see Article 9 of the Law on the Ukrainian Citizenship for more details