Obtaining immigration permit

Basis for receiving the service

Immigration permits are granted within the immigration quotas.

Immigration quotas are established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine according to the established procedure per immigrant groups:

  1. individuals working in the areas of science and culture, whose immigration would be in the interests of Ukraine;
  2. highly-skilled specialists and workers who would help fill the gaps in the Ukrainian economy and whose contribution would be appreciated;
  3. individuals who have made foreign investment in the Ukrainian economy in the foreign converted currency equivalent to at least 100,000 (one hundred thousand) USD, registered according to the procedure defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  4. individuals who are full-blood sibling, grandparent or grandchild of a Ukrainian citizen;
  5. individuals who were formerly citizens of Ukraine;
  6. parents, spouses of immigrants and their minor children;
  7. individuals who continuously lived on the territory of Ukraine for the three years after they were recognized as victims of human trafficking;
  8. individuals who have served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for three years and longer.

Immigration permits beyond the established quotas are granted to:

  1. a spouse if the other spouse with whom he/she is married for longer than two years is a Ukrainian citizen; children and parents of Ukrainian citizens;
  2. individuals who are guardians of Ukrainian citizens or are under guardianship of a Ukrainian citizen;
  3. individuals who have the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship on the basis of their geographic origin;
  4. individuals whose immigration is the matter of national interest for Ukraine;
  5. foreign Ukrainians, spouses of foreign Ukrainians, their children in the event of their joint entry to and stay on the territory of Ukraine.

How to claim and receive the service

  • Collect the required documents;
  • Visit a Ukrainian diplomatic mission or consular post abroad at the place of permanent residence;
  • For persons legally staying in Ukraine – visit the territorial unit of SMS at your place of residence;
  • Submit an application enclosing the passport and required documents;
  • Receive the immigration permit at the place of application.

Service fees and benefits

  • The amount of service fee is defined by Section I of the List of Fee-Based Services provided by units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Police, and State Migration Service and service fees, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 04.06.2007 No. 795.

Exemption from government charge applies to:

  • citizens referred to categories 1 and 2 of individuals affected by Chernobyl catastrophe;
  • disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War and families of servicemen (resistance fighters) killed in action or missing, and individuals equalized with these groups according to the established procedure;
  • people with disabilities referred to groups I and II.

Application submission

  • Application is to be submitted in person on condition of legal stay or temporary residence in Ukraine;
  • For certain valid reasons (applicant’s sickness, natural disaster, etc.), application may be sent by mail or submitted by another person upon applicant’s notarized authorization;
  • For minors or legally incapable persons, application must be submitted by their legal representative.

Required documents

  • application for immigration permit (general application form; application form to be submitted by legal representative of a minor or legally incapable person);
  • 3 photographs;
  • copy of a document that certifies person’s identity and his/her legal stay on the territory of Ukraine;
  • document certifying person’s residence abroad and in Ukraine;
  • information about family composition, copy of marriage certificate (if the applicant is married);
  • document certifying that a person is not afflicted with chronic alcoholism, toxic substance or drug abuse, or infectious diseases the list of which is defined by the national healthcare authority (The demand is not used for people who are pointed at sections 1 and 3 of part 3 of Article 6 of The Law of Ukraine “On immigration”);
  • certificate about absence of convictions issued by the competent authority of the applicant’s country of former residence or its diplomatic mission in Ukraine (The demand is not used for people who are pointed at sections 1 and 3 of part 3 of Article 6 of The Law of Ukraine “On immigration”);
  • documents defined in the Law of Ukraine on Immigration, according to the category of immigrants.

Time limit for application review

Up to one year from the submission of application

Result of the service

Permit for immigration to Ukraine

Validity period of a document resultant from the service

Immigration permit is valid for one year from its issuance date.

Grounds for denying the service

Immigration permit shall be denied to:

  1. individuals who were convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for more than one-year term for committing an offence recognized as crime in Ukraine, if the convicted has not been expunged according to the procedure established by law;
  2. individuals who have committed crime against peace, war crime or crime against humanity as defined in the international law, are wanted in relation to committing an offence recognized as felony according to Ukrainian laws, or are facing criminal charge with the pre-trial investigation pending;
  3. individuals afflicted with chronic alcoholism, toxic substance or drug abuse, or infectious diseases the list of which is defined by the national healthcare authority;
  4. individuals who have knowingly provided false information or submitted forged documents when applying for immigration permit;
  5. individuals who are banned from entering Ukraine on grounds defined in the law;
  6. in other cases, as stipulated by laws of Ukraine.

The time limit within which a person has to apply to SMS and liability for breach of this time limit

No established.