Issuance of permanent residence permit to foreigners and stateless persons who have immigrated to Ukraine for permanent residence

Basis for receiving the service

Obtaining of immigration permit and arrival to the place of permanent residence in Ukraine

How to claim and receive the service

  • Collect the required documents;
  • Visit the territorial unit of SMS at your place of residence;
  • Submit an application together with passport and required documents;
  • Receive a permit at the territorial unit of SMS at your place of residence.

Service fees and benefits

  • Government charge in the amount of 85 UAH (on the basis of para. 6 Article 3 of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine «On Government Charges»);
  • -Administrative service fee in the amount of 253.00 UAH (according to the List of administrative services related to migration and their fees, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 2 November 2016 No. 770 regulating some issues of administrative service delivery in the area of migration);
  • Cost of the blank form in the amount of 30.00 or 55.50 or 66.00 UAH (depending on the consignment note).

Exemption from government charge applies to:

  • citizens referred to categories 1 and 2 of individuals affected by Chernobyl catastrophe;
  • disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War and families of servicemen (resistance fighters) killed in action or missing, and individuals equalized with these groups according to the established procedure;
  • people with disabilities referred to groups I and II.

Application submission

  • Application is to be submitted in person.

Required documents

  • application;
  • passport of a foreigner or ID document of a stateless person (shall be returned after showing) and its copy;
  • Ukrainian translation of pages of passport of a foreigner or ID document of a stateless person containing personal data, attested according to the legally established procedure;
  • copy of the decision on granting the immigration permit;
  • payment slip confirming payment of government charge or document certifying certain exemptions;
  • payment slip confirming payment of service fee;
  • 4 photographs of a foreigner or stateless person 35 mm x 45 mm on matt paper;
  • copy of the identification number certificate issued by the tax authority (if available).

Time limit for application review

Until January 1, 2018 (before permanent residence permits start to be issued by using the Unified State Demographic Registry), the timeframe for permit issuance is 7 days (according to the Law of Ukraine on Immigration).

Validity period of a document resultant from the service

Permanent residence permit shall be exchanged when a person reaches 25 and 45 years of age.

Grounds for denying the service

A decision to deny issuance of permanent residence permit to a foreigner or stateless person shall be adopted in the following cases:

  1. necessity to ensure national security or protect public order;
  2. necessity to protect public health, rights and lawful interests of Ukrainian citizens and other individuals residing in Ukraine;
  3. when passport of a foreigner or stateless person is forged, damaged, does not conform to the established template or belongs to another person;
  4. when a foreigner or stateless person knowingly present false information or forged documents;
  5. when there is established non-compliance with the decision of court or public authority empowered to apply administrative penalty, or they have other property liability before the State, physical or legal persons, including those related to previous expulsion from Ukraine, also after expiration of the ban for further entry to Ukraine (for persons obtaining temporary residence permit);
  6. in other cases, as stipulated by the law

The time limit within which a person has to apply to SMS and liability for breach of this time limit

  • During the validity period of the immigration permit that is issued for one year.