Acceptance of documents on temporary residence permits processing has started in two Centers for Administrative Services in the City of Kyiv

Well-established cooperation between the State Migration Service of Ukraine (hereinafter – the SMS) and the Centers for Administrative Services (hereinafter – the CAS) gives its results – acceptance of documents from foreigners on processing of biometric temporary residence permits has started in two CASs in the City of Kyiv, with an address at: 19-b Dniprovska Naberezhna Str. and 15 Mykhaila Omelianovycha-Pavlenka Str.

SMS and CAS’s administrators cooperate in a format of «front-back office» on processing of permits for foreigners. It means that foreigners can submit application for processing of temporary residence permit and afterwards receive new document at the CAS, all necessary inspections, as it was before, will be provided by the SMS. Also, after receipt of the permit, foreigners will be able to register their place of residence immediately at the CAS.

It is important that, with the assistance of the SMS, administrators of these CASs have completed appropriate trainings and got acquainted with procedure of processing of biometric temporary residence permits in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

It should be reminded that foreigners, residing in the City of Kyiv and Kyiv Region, can also apply for biometric temporary and permanent residence permits in one of the three divisions of the SMS (ukr) or in one of the four «Passport Services» (ukr).

In the future number of the CASs, processing biometric documents for foreigners, will increase moreover not only in the City of Kyiv but also in other regions of Ukraine.